Monday, June 9, 2014

Blog Prompt Task Cluster 8

Imagine yourself being interviewed for a teaching position. During your job interview, the principal asks, "A teacher last year got in trouble for bribing students with homework exemptions to get them to behave in class. What do you think about using rewards and punishments in teaching. What will you say?"

First of all, exempting from work sends the wrong message to begin with.

In the interview above, I would answer that reward and punishment are the central ideas in behaviorism. The key is to getting students to "buy in" to your classroom culture. You want to have a strong procedural emphasis and making awesome content the "reward" thus, punishment comes from being placed outside of the learning community or "the family." 

When I think of positive reinforcement I think of this example:
  • After you execute a turn during a skiing lesson, your instructor shouts out, "Great job!" The ski instructor is the positive reinforcement.

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