Sunday, June 8, 2014

C-E-R Cluster 3


I did a Prezi on children's self-concept and how they view themselves. Here is the link

I wanted to add "media and the distortion of the body image" from youtube, but it wasn't able to be used by Prezi. Also youtube has "media's effects on teen girl's' body and self esteem. They both are well worth watching, especially if you have a daughter/granddaughter, or you feel like you are struggling with your own weight issues.

It is terrible that the media is telling our girls that in order to looked at they need to be a size 0, tan, beautiful, tall and thin. This is just a shame and causes many eating disorders because the girls try to become something that their bodies were not meant to be.

I feel that the media is not as bad with the boys. Sadly the athletes and the tough guys are the ones the media hones in on. This may be their perception of what boys should portray. Because boys are tough they shouldn't cry. As we all know, this causes more harm than good. All of us have feelings and it's okay to show that side.

I support dove products for women because a. they're great products and b. they promote a lot of self awareness for young girls and women. Kudos to you Dove!

If there was a student in my class who was in some type of conflict as stated above, I would take the time to talk with him/her to find out what was happening. Depending on the situation, I would alert the principal, social worker, psychologist and the nurse. They in turn would contact the parents. With this team approach, I would hope we would be there to help the child.

Evaluate: West Prep 14 cases News report - Animated feature Safe School's - every girl's right! Violence in schools is a social problem

The first video gave a break down of the top schools with the most violence. This is a school of choice as the children had to win a lottery to get in. The reporter asked the question how safe are your schools? Surprisingly, West Prep Academy came out as number one. This was a news report and the reporter went to speak to the principal and he was very proud of the fact that the children are taught French and doing well. West Prep Academy houses elementary, middle and high school students on one campus. The principal says he works closely with the Metro police and that he plans to cut the violence in the school in half this school year.

The second video was an animated feature which was called "Every Girl's Right." I enjoyed this as it showed a girl who wanted to become a doctor and really wanted to go to school. This feature showed that the girl was either bullied, or sexually molested and this led to her dropping out of school. Nobody should ever have to feel that way and everyone should feel safe in school.

The third video is about all of the recent school shootings and what is happening in our country. This was done to music with images and text. I found it to be very powerful. It showed the perpetrators and how many they killed in each shooting. The most disturbing scene was the black body bag being removed. 77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally or physically.


I do plan on working with early elementary. It would be wonderful if I could remain in a beautiful prepared environment for the children.

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