Monday, June 23, 2014

C-E-R Cluster 4

Lesson Topic

Pull and Push

Goals:  The students will learn that every magnet has a North and South pole; which can attract or repel each other.

Objectives: To illustrate that every magnet has a North pole and South pole; unlike poles attract each other; like poles repel each other.


Performance Indicator 5.1e Magnetism is a force that may attract or repel certain materials.

Materials Needed:

v Pair of bar magnets
v String
v Large magnet


Motivate: Tell the student’s “today we will be discussing what happens when two magnets are brought near each other.”

Activate Prior Knowledge: Review the North and South poles of the magnet.

Introduce: Make an introductory statement such as “What happens when the two magnets are brought together?”

Direct Instruction

1.    Students can experiment with the magnets for a few minutes.

2.    Students should answer the questions: What happens when two magnets are brought together? They should also be able to describe how the magnet looks, feels and sounds like.

3.  Tie the string around the center of one of the bar magnets. Hold the string in the air, so that the magnet dangles below.

4.    Have your partner take the other bar magnet and move the North Pole towards the north pole of the dangling magnet. What happens?

5.    Tell the students to experiment in this way; also trying the unlike poles, putting together a south pole and a north pole.

6.    Today this was put on a presentation board. Normally the students would be grouped with a partner for this lesson.

Follow-Up work: The students can conduct a search for other objects to test both at home and at school. The students can record their predictions and whether the object was attracted or not.

Differentiation: Since this lesson strikes so many different modalities and styles it should easily adapt to any particular student(s).

Assessment: Depending on age and ability the record for this could vary.

I would have to go with the counterpoint that retention is not effective. I definitely would use this model. I know that in order to retain a child, the classroom teacher has to go through many hoops for this too happen. There seems to be a lot of red tape associated with retention.
I am not a big fan of retention and it is always the last straw and the last option. A very difficult issue for teachers and parents.

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