Monday, June 9, 2014

In Chapter 7, our text tells us that learning is defined as the "process through which experience causes permanent change in knowledge or behavior."

In my Montessori classroom, I am constantly learning from my students on a daily basis. Everyone brings something to the table and that is always important when we teach. When I am teaching a math lesson and it becomes difficult I can see differences in facial expressions, anxiety, etc. I know then that there may be a block and this can stop the learning.

When a cultural lesson is given and we are talking about the continents I get the continent map. We sing the continent song and the children are asked to identify all of the continents. Their eyes light up when they know the answers. This definitely builds their self esteem and they will feel more confident answering the same question on another day.

I always use positive reinforcement and put a positive spin on everything the children do in class. If they need to sit out and think about their behavior and make better choices, there is a "thinking square" they can go to and sit and think. 

I really enjoyed reading and learning about group consequences and the group behavior game. During circle time we always talk about using our "grace and courtesy" to make our classroom a better place. 
This is our Children's House and we are a family, so we need to treat each other and our class materials with respect. 

We also practice "the silence game" which is a way to help the children center themselves. 

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