Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 20, 2014

Podcast #3

In this podcast I learned the importance of the No Child Left Behind act which was enacted in 2001.

Anita spoke about what would happen at our first staff meeting. What would be the first thing that came up? At the first teachers meeting in September all of us are always concerned about the test scores of the students in our building. We discuss these scores and find out who is achieving where and to identify the areas of help. As educators, we try to come up with a yearly plan that may help the students. These standardized tests are given to children in grades 3-8, plus one in high school grades every year. Schools are judged on how their students perform in reading and math.

There could be severe consequences for the school if it does not do well 3 years in a row. It could cause it to close. How can schools help? As educators, we can think outside of the box to help our students achieve these goals. By coming together as a staff, we can implement plans and strategies to help each and every one of our students.

There are also many positives that go along with NCLB. The teacher is able to see the achievement on every child. Our lowest students who are struggling are now getting special attention to help them succeed. This has forced many teachers to come up with ways to engage and teach in interesting ways.

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