Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 4, 2014

I really enjoyed the text that April read about Russia, the people and their culture. What have I learned? That I really had to pay attention to what was being read and try to remember as much information as possible.

  • Russians dress well in public. 

  • I remembered that Russians are known for their ability to endure. They are stoic and pessimistic, but very friendly. Problems are toughed out or ignored. 

  • Relationships to friends are one of their characteristics as is trust. They rely on their friends.

  • When they shake hands, they use firm handshakes. Full names are used in titles. They still use "comrade."
  • Close friends use their first name. Shake hands when greeting, but not across the doorway, could bring bad luck.

  • Very impolite to point using index finger, arms in pocket or arms folded across the chest.

  • During warmer temperatures, Russians wear jeans and shorts which are popular.

  • Russian is the common language.

I love the babushka dolls and I bought one when I was in Austria. It is beautiful and I have her in the classroom for the children to enjoy.

I learned a lot about my short term memory. Our short term memory only holds a certain amount of information. This could be about twenty seconds. This learning situation gave me the opportunity to process the information I needed to remember and helped me reflect, organize, experiment with, and reformulate the information I received in class.

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