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May 30, 2014


I created a content map on "Differentiated Instruction." I feel this is very important for all of us to understand. This quote really rings true:

"Fairness isn’t everyone getting the same. Fairness is everyone getting what they need."

To see my content map, please click on the link below.


Valuable life advice: - this site contained a lot of quotes that were broken down in categories. I think this site was fairly reliable if quotes are what you are looking for.…/ruth-marcus-sheryl-sand...- this site spoke about Sheryl Sandberg the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook is still human, a mommy and makes mistakes. I thought it was enjoyable to read and fairly reliable. - this site was a newspaper and not reliable for advice.

Irrelevant Advice…ling...unsolicited-irrelevant-advice - this was an article about the office place and irrelevant advice that is offered. I thought this was reliable. - this was about ants and how the queen lays over 30,000 eggs. Not reliable. - this site was interesting. About staying on topic and leaving out irrelevant information when writing a sentence. I thought this was reliable.

Practical/Logistical Advice…rticles/logistics...- this was about logistics outsourcing projects in New Zealand.…ting/logistical-practical-support - logical and practical support in Africa.
g/ - l…/archive/practical_advice/...- Practical Advice to Teachers by Rudolf Steiner. - Very reliable.

Words of Inspiration to remember‎ - click to install free quotes. - You can sign up for free words of encouragement.…s-sayings/words_encouragement - this site also had words of encouragement/inspiration and you can sign up for a daily email.

Lessons…ornewteachers/tp/mistakes... - Lessons - things to watch out for/mistakes to avoid - listed 10 teaching mistakes that teachers should avoid. - page has been removed.. making mistakes with clients in the workplace.

1. What does it mean to be a qualified teacher? NCLB defines a qualified teacher as "someone who has full certification, a bachelor's degree and demonstrates competence in subject knowledge and teaching." This being stated, we all know that there is so much more that is involved with being a qualified teacher. Qualified teachers are good listeners, compassionate, reflective and life long learners. They are invested in their students every day. These teachers serve as in inspiration to their students and others.

2. How do you access qualifications? You access these qualities by having confidence in yourself and believing that you were put here to do the best job possible and to make a difference. Listening to others, having patience, empathy and collaborating with other teachers.

3. What is good teaching and how is it measured? To me, good teaching is a collaborative effort between many teachers in a school building to ensure a good education.  Good teaching is measured through testing the students to see what content they have absorbed.

4. How do qualifications make a difference? What knowledge or skill would a qualified teacher possess that an unqualified does not? This is a tricky question. For example, some veteran teachers may possess great classroom management but do not deliver the material well to their students, but many unqualified teachers may struggle with their classroom management but totally engage their students. I think that everyone brings something to the table and that there has to be a balance.

5. How do school systems that may have a paucity of "qualified teachers" (such as rural and urban schools) work to meet the requirements established by No Child Left Behind. School systems that may have a paucity of qualified teachers work to meet the requirements established by NCLB by working collaboratively with the students, their families and each other. Hopefully with everyone on the same page, you will slowly but surely build a community of learners. 

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