Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 30, 2014

I enjoyed reading Chapter One in my Educational Psychology textbook. I found it very interesting how many of the beginning teachers experience "reality shock." Knowing that you have your own classroom and you will be working with veteran teachers, is when the reality sets in. Many veteran teacher's are willing to take you under their wing, which is very reassuring. It is also nice to know that the veteran teacher's can act as a mentor to a new teacher. This is very important and will help the new teacher feel more confident and they can share new and creative ideas for your classroom.

In this chapter I also enjoyed reading about differentiated instruction and how it benefits all students. Many students learn at different paces and the teacher has to make sure that he/she responds to the students needs. It is very important to get to know your students and their background. Technology is very important and helps to engage the students in group lessons and discussions.

Below please go to the link and then scroll down to see the video. I thought it was beautiful and wanted to share it with you.

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