Friday, June 13, 2014

                                                                  Podcast Reflection

In Anita's podcast #13 I enjoyed learning about academic optimism. This is a characteristic of teacher's related to students achievement.

With academic optimism you can make a difference is students lives because it covers the cognitive, affective and behavioral elements of teaching. When thoughts, feelings and actions are brought together it is a definite win/win for everyone.

With academic optimism, teachers are seen as capable, and the students are willing. It is so important to go into a school whether it is lower socioeconomic, middle or wealthy districts with an optimistic attitude and want and know that you will make a difference. Why would anyone say "why bother?" if the task is too great. We should meet that challenge head on and know that we will make a difference.

It is very sad that some teachers feel this way and it is so much easier to turn around the pessimistic attitude and be optimistic. We should all be very grateful that we have a job and are able to teach and touch the lives of so many and hopefully make a difference. By showing our best grace and courtesy, we lead by example and are role models for our youth.

If we are positive role models and use academic optimism, we will also see our students parents as being more supportive. They won't "dread" coming in for a teacher conference because everything will be on a positive note.

As far as teaching staff go, you always want to surround yourself with positive people who share your mindset, values and thoughts. Teachers who will be supportive and will trust in you as you trust in your students.

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